Remembering passwords can be pretty tough as it is, but for children who are starting to learn how to type this can be a very difficult task. Therefore, we let students log in easy and fast on their Chromebook by using a picture login.

Picture login allows a combination of pictures to act as a student password and username. What is the best thing about using Picture login? When set up on a Chromebook, students will immediately be logged into their Google account and can use all the G Suite apps, without the need to log in using an email address and password.

When the student opens the Chromebook they will see a variation of classes. Choose the group on which Picture Login is activated.

The first time a student logs in, they can pick a personal avatar from the list. Every time a student logs in, they click on their own avatar to continue. 

Finally, the student selects the picture(s) that form their password. When this is done successfully, the student is logged in to the Chromebook and can access all G Suite apps without further need to sign in.