This functionality offers the option to choose assignments from the Classrooms which are added in COOL, to check the student’s work for Plagiarism. It will check both between the handed in assignments and the internet, which results in a percentage value.

Go in the COOL portal to the button ‘Classroom’. Then click on a row for a classroom that already has been added to this overview.

When you switch the button for an assignment on, COOL will scan for plagiarism. When this is done, click on: ‘See Results’.

Here you see the general plagiarism-scores that the document has received after the scan. To know more about the kind of plagiarism that was detected, click on the document symbol in the student’s row to open the document.

Click on the ‘Start plagiarism scan’ to start a more detailed overview.

When the scan is complete, it provides the teacher with an overview with which he or she can accurately detect the work for plagiarism. The results show where the duplicated text originated from, be it from websites or previously handed in work by other students.