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COOL Wizard: Choose the right setup option

In this article you can read about the three options with which you can set up the COOL wizard

If you have not yet done so, it is best to first add the Cloudwise COOL School Portal to your Google Workspace environment.

After starting the Wizard you can choose from the following three options.


You cannot choose another option after choosing the wizard. In this case it is best to contact us.

Manual Setup
  • Easiest one to use when you want to hand pick students and teachers from your Google Workspace environment.
  • You will manually create a group and add existing Google users to it, so they have access to COOL
Organisational Unit Setup
  • This provides the strongest integration with your Workspace environment. Select the Organisational Units which hold the students, teachers and other staff to be added to the COOL portal dynamically.
  • Or hand pick users from your OU structure.
  • The accounts are dynamically added to COOLso it is only a matter of creating groups in COOL
  • Were you already working with Google Groups? These will be automatically added to COOL as well. If you already created Google Groups for your student groups, you will see that these will be imported to COOL automatically based on your selected users and OUs
Google Classroom Setup
  • Import groups to COOL from your Classrooms.
  • Choose the Classrooms that are populated with active students and teachers, to create groups within COOL
  • A very easy way to get started, as we can directly use your group composition from Google Classroom!.

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