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Activate, deactivate or delete applications

It is easy to activate or deactivate applications to make them visible or invisible for yourself or your students. You can also delete applications that you have created yourself.

1. Move your cursor to the menu on the left side of your screen and click the gear-icon to open 'Settings'.

2. When you have opened your 'Settings', you will see an overview of all the applications that are available for you and your grades. Click a gray checkmark to activate an application and make it visible for yourself or your grade. The names above the checkmarks show the grade(s) for whom you can activate or deactivate applications. 'Me' means your own COOL Platform.

3. Do you want to delete an application? Click the bin-icon next to the name of the application. 

Note: It is possible that some applications are activated by a COOL Admin and can not be turned off.

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