There are different ways to accomplish this. We advise the use of the program , which comes pre-installed on our computers.

To take control of your computer and help you we need to have the number of your computer, which you can find on a sticker on the computer (i.e. SCHOOLNAME-01).

If your computer does not have a sticker, or the number on the sticker can't be found in our system, you can follow the next few steps to find out what your computer's real number is:

Where you see TestPC in the image is where your computer name and number will be, and you need to give us this name and number.

If your computer does not have , you can use two alternative programs: Chrome RDP and TeamViewer. Follow the steps below:

You need to give us the number highlighted in the last step. Please be aware that this number will only remain valid for a few minutes, so make sure you plan a date for us to take control of your computer and give us the number at that time.

If this method does not work for you either, you can use the final method: TeamViewer.

Give us your ID and password highlighted in the last step so we can take control of your computer.