Not everyone is a skilled computer user and we Supporters understand that. So we made this short manual to help you on your way on learning how to computer.

The start

Everyone starts with the on/off button on the computer. Once you press that button, the adventure begins. After a short wait you'll enter the Windows login screen. Usually you will see 4 accounts available:

- Cloudwise

- ICT Beheer

- Leerkracht/Teacher

- Leerling/Student

If you're a teacher, you select the Teacher account. Type in the correct password and click the arrow to the right of the password box, or simply press Enter. Your computer will now log in to that account. Once your computer is done logging in you will get to your desktop. Here you can open up programs from the shortcuts available, or click the  button in the bottom left corner. In the bottom right corner you will see the time and date, and you can change the volume up or down or mute it entirely. If you hover your mouse cursor over the little computer icon or wifi signal icon, next to the volume icon, you can see if you are connected to the internet.

From your desktop you can open up applications through the shortcuts. All of our computers have the Chrome and Recyclebin shortcuts by default.

If you want to use our COOL portal and the applications on it, read your email, check your agenda and more, you start by opening up the Chrome webbrowser. This opens up automatically after you log in in Windows. When Chrome has opened you will see a login screen where you will have to login with your school Google email address. Once you have logged in you will be logged in to Google and all of her services.


Congratulations! You are now in your web browser and ready to surf the internet! But where to start? Once you have logged in to your web browser you should automatically be sent to our COOL portal, Here you can see the list of applications that are available to you and your class. Lets open up a new tab in Chrome:

This automatically opens on Here you can do all kinds of things. In the top right corner you can click the square icon with the 9 smaller squares in it. This will give you a list of all the Google services you can use. Here you can go to your Gmail, Agenda, Drive and more. Of course, you can also type in the URL in the top bar to go to these services directly, for example or

You should close the tab once you are done with it:

Don't forget to close unncessary tabs, for each tab uses some of the computer resources. The more tabs you have open, the slower your computer will be.


If you are done using the computer, you can turn it off. First, save all files that need to be saved, and close all open windows. Then, click the  button in the bottom left corner, and click on Shut down.

Don't forget to check out the rest of our help articles if you have more questions. You can also contact Cloudwise Support by email,, or by phone, 085 273 3007.