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Remembering passwords can be pretty tough as it is, but for children who are just starting to type on a computer, this can be a very difficult task! Therefore, we let students log in fast and easy by using a QR-code. 

1. Click on the 'COOL launcher' (the nine dots) and select  ‘Users & Groups.

2. Click 'Settings' on the left.

3. Click on the icon under 'Password' to print a new QR-code for students. You can only print QR-codes for groups you are assigned to. 

4. You can generate and print new QR codes for an individual student or all students at once:

  1. Click ‘Print’ next to an individual student to generate and print for one student.

  2. Click ‘Print all’ at the bottom for all students.

  3. As soon as you generate a new QR code, the old QR code no longer works! Are you sure you want to generate a new one? Then click ‘Confirm’.

5. After clicking ‘Confirm’ the preview will open. If you want, you can directly print the QR code(s) here.

Make sure the correct printer is set up and click ‘Print’ at the bottom right. 

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