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Create an exam using exam type 'Editor'

Click the orange button 'Create exam' to create an exam.

General information:

1. Enter a title.

2. Select when the exam will take place and enter the duration of the exam.

3. It is optional to add one or more URLs as resource. Participants can use these resources during the exam.

4. Add participants. These can be individual participants or an entire class.

5. If you create the exam, you will automatically be assigned as supervisor, but it is also possible to add extra supervisors. Supervisors can end exams and see the results.

Exam Type 'Editor'

When you use the exam type 'Editor', you will be able to write down your own questions. Participants will get a text box where they can write down their answers. 

1. Select the exam type 'Editor'.

2. Enable or disable 'Spellcheck' and 'Text to speech'. You can choose the following languages: English (American), English (British), Dutch, French or German.

3. Click 'Add assignment' to add an assignment to the exam. You can type your questions or copy and paste them from an existing exam. You can also insert images and tables.

4. Click 'Apply changes' to save the assignment.

5. Click 'Save' to save your exam and share it with the participants.

When you have clicked 'Save', a popup will appear. In this popup, you will find the pincodes that the participants have to use to start and resume an exam. You can:

1. Make the pincodes visible or invisible.

2. Close the popup.

3. Create another exam.

4. Supervise the exam (view this article for more information).

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