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Installing the new scopes for COOL Focus

Google Workspace

  1. Login to Google Workspace and go to the following page:
    Domain-wide Delegation (

  2. Click on "Add new", this causes the following pop-up:

  3. Add the following ID in the field "Client ID", check the box for overwriting existing ID:

  4. Add the following OAuth scopes, seperated by comma's:,

  5. When the previous steps are done, click on "Authorise"

  6. Continue by pressing "Confirm" on the parental consent page

  7. Now the new scope has been added, go to the following page:
    App-gegevens: Admin console (

  8. Click on "Acces to Google data" in order to verify the status is set to trusted.

  9. Verify if the status is set to "Trusted", if this is not the case check the dot next to "Trusted" and then press "Save".

  10. If the status had to be set to "Trusted" go ahead and press Confirm on the Confirm parental consent page


All done!

Microsoft 365


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