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Supervise planned or ongoing exam

When you click a planned or ongoing exam on the homepage, you will see the following options:

1. Click 'Show assignment' to see the added assignment. Only available when using exam type 'Editor'.

2. Click 'Add Time' to add time for all participants.

3. Click 'Stop Exam' to stop the exam for all participants.

4. You will find information about the exam under 'Status'. The icons under 'Scheduled' show if spellcheck and or text to speech are enabled.

5. The pincodes to start or resume the exam are available under 'Pincodes'.

6. You can check the status of every participant under 'Participant'. You can also see two icons in the row of each participant. Click the clock to add extra time for a specific participant, or click the stop-button to stop the exam for a specific participant.

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