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Full dekstop streaming

With Full desktop streaming, you have the ability to livestream the student’s screen on your own desktop. The student has to give permission, in contrary to Picture view. 

Note: To use this function for one student, click on the button below the student. Click on the button at the top right to activate this function for the entire group.

1. Press the screen button below the student to activate or deactivate monitoring for an individual student.


2. After you have pressed the screen button, the button becomes a ‘loading icon’. This icon will remain there until the student gives permission to share the screen.

3. When you activate ‘Full desktop streaming’, the student sees this pop-up. The student must select the screen and click 'Share'. 

4. When the student has given permission to share the screen, you can see their screen in the overview. The screen button has changed into the landscape button.

5. Click on the visible screen of the student to enlarge and click ‘Fullscreen’ to enlarge the view to fullscreen.

6. Click on the landscape button to stop full desktop streaming.

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