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Editing the Application Library

In this article, you'll find all the information you need to customize the COOL portal the way you want!

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Add Applications

There are a few different ways to add applications to your COOL Platform. A COOL Administrator can add applications for you, teachers, different grades or the whole school. 

It is also possible to add your own applications.

1. You will find an orange button with the text 'Add application' on your 'Favourites' page. You can use this button to add or create your own applications.

2. Use the search bar to search for an application you want to add. Click the checkbox next to the application you want to add and click 'Save' to add the application to your COOL Platform.

3. When you want to create your own application, click the orange button next to the search-bar.

4. Fill in the following information:

  •  'Name': the name of the application.
  • 'Student URL': the URL of the webpage that has to open when the student clicks the application.
  • 'Teacher URL': the URL of the webpage that has to open when the teacher clicks the application.
  • 'Image': the image that will be visible when the application is created. It is not possible to create an application without an image.

5. Click 'Create application' and then 'Save' to add the application to your COOL Platform.

Note: You have created an application that is only visible to you. Read this article to make the application visible for your students.

Activate, deactivate or delete applications

It is easy to activate or deactivate applications to make them visible or invisible for yourself or your students. You can also delete applications that you have created yourself.

1. Move your cursor to the menu on the left side of your screen and click the gear-icon to open 'Settings'.

2. When you have opened your 'Settings', you will see an overview of all the applications that are available for you and your grades. Click a gray checkmark to activate an application and make it visible for yourself or your grade. The names above the checkmarks show the grade(s) for whom you can activate or deactivate applications. 'Me' means your own COOL Platform.

3. Do you want to delete an application? Click the bin-icon next to the name of the application. 

Note: It is possible that some applications are activated by a COOL Admin and can not be turned off.

Organize applications

You can arrange your applications in a few different ways to keep your COOL Platform as organized as possible.

1. Click an application and hold your mouse button. Drag the application to the desired position. You can also place your applications on different pages; from 'Favourites' to 'Other applications' or the other way around. You can do this by dragging the application to the gray box with the text 'Drop your application on this area to move it over to other applications'.

To do this even faster, you can use the function 'Organize applications'.

2. Click the button with the sliders in the top right corner.

3. Click the different icons to switch applications from 'Favourites' to 'Other applications' or the other way around.

4. Click 'Save' to save the changes you have made.

COOL Video Demo

You can also watch the following video from 4:08 to 6:30 to learn more about the capabilities of the application library.

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