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Start monitoring

1. Click on the 'COOL launcher' (the nine dots) and select 'Monitoring'.

2. Select the group you want to monitor. 

3. Click 'Start monitoring' to start monitoring. 

4. When you start monitoring, a white eye appears in the blue header. 

5. If a student is online, you'll see a green circle next to the student's name. Below the students, you see an overview of the open tabs. The green tab on the top is active on the students' screen. 

Note: To see students online, two things are important: 

  • The student must be logged in to the school account. 
  • The student must be logged in to the school network. 

An error message is displayed if the student is not logged in to the school account or the school network. 

6. Click the arrow next to an open tab to get a drop-down menu. Now you can 'Make tab active', 'Open tab in my browser' and 'Close tab' for an individual student.


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